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October 24, 2017

Hi, Dave again,

I have had a few calls of late where Telstra is sending a new NBN modem to it’s existing ADSL customers with no advanced warning. If you do not contact them they will change you over to NBN without you asking. If you do not want to change, you have to contact them and send the modem back to them at your expense! They will then tell you that you have to change, but neglect to tell you that you have 5 years from when NBN first became available in your area.

The big issue in my opinion is they are not advising customers that the existing land line phone will convert to a VoIP number (same number). Whilst this may not be an issue for some, it means your telephones can ONLY be plugged directly into the new modem, they can not be connected to the old existing phone sockets. So if you have multiple phones or devices (fax for example) through out the premesis, these must all be removed or the NBN will not work (and the phones will not work anyway).

The other point they fail to mention is that if you have an existing fax machine or modem (like a MedicAlert emergency dialler or a back to base alarm system), these will cease to work when they change you over to NBN. Some can be made to work again by changing the wiring to connect them all the way back to the the new NBN modem, but most will not work even that way as they were not designed to work over VoIP.

If you ave received a new modem and are not sure which way to go, or even if you are just contemplating the upgrade to get faster speeds, get in contact and I can discuss your options. I also offer a setup service if you do upgrade but can not work out how it should all connect up.

Cheers, Dave.
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