Drone Flight Training

Are you interested in learning to fly a drone?  Do you have a new drone and its still sitting in the box staring at you?  Do you already fly a drone but not real sure on how to use it to its full capabilities?

Let me help.

As mentioned in my ‘Who is Dave’ page, I have been flying line of sight remote piloted aircraft for over 40 years. Venturing into the latest craze of Drones a few years back, as usual I have kept digging deeper and playing and learning more as I go.  I am now a CASA RePL trainer and Assessor for the Sunshine Coast QLD with Autonomous Technology and also offer entry level flight training on the Sunshine Coast for those first starting out or wanting help in learning the finer points of drone control.

I am also currently training School Teachers to build, program and fly small FPV racing drones for build-a-drone projects in High Schools – so I can also help you out building your own too!

So if you want to get your drone off the shelf and into the air, give me a call.

Cheers, Dave.
0429 328 432