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November 24, 2017

Hi all, Dave again.

Another facet of JustAskDave is aerial photography and video. I have been flying RPA’s (Remote Piloted Aircraft or Radio Controlled aircraft) for around 35 years and decided to investigate the growing Drone trend.  After a lot of research I settled on one and over the last year have been honing my skills to the point now I can offer my services at very competitive prices. I have passed the theory and practical for my RePL (Remote Pilots Licence) and have progressed in this area to now be a trainer for the same representing a national organisation. 

For the aerial photography side of things I fly a small discreet professional drone (DJI Mavic Pro if you are interested) that can be used for 4k videos (home for sale for example), or 12mp photos (like checking a roof for cracked tiles or ridge capping issues, property border inspections, overhead inspections of large equipment or structures etc, anything that would benefit from looking at from above with both feet firmly planted on the safety of the ground). Here’s a couple of scenic photos followed by a short video of Noosa heads.

If I can be of any service at all (photography, videos, training etc) please feel free to contact me for further information – or 0429 328 432

Lake Boondooma (click for full size)

Campsite on the dam (click for full size)

Farmhouse (click for full size)

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