About Dave

Hi, I’m Dave.  Self confessed Jeep nut and someone who enjoys tinkering to find out why something wont work (then fixing it of course!).

In my 35 years of working history, I have worked in Electronics repair, IT and Telecommunications, starting off my working life repairing torpedo guidance systems for the Department of Defense! Over the years in these industries my roles have covered installation and repair (both office and site based), sales, wholesale sales, training, project management, management, senior management and sole trader. This experience has molded me into the all rounder I am today. I can offer advise, I can install, I can repair; whatever you need!

Currently I am focusing on assisting end users navigate their way around the introduction of NBN, specifically in the Northern end of the Sunshine Coast, QLD. It can be a minefield with the lack of full disclosure by some (most) providers, leaving end users without essential services they did not know they would lose. Or you may be just sitting there with a brand new modem still in its box, no internet, and no one to help you get it working.  This is where I step in, cape and all and save the day (well actually I don’t have a cape – yet).

This web site itself was a wonderful birthday present concocted between my wife and my best friend. So if you need any web site work, give my best mate John at Media Mojo a call 🙂